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Paying For Your Exterior Cleaning Services

For regular window cleaning we request that all clients pay using Gocardless (see below)

For all other external cleaning services such as Roof, Driveway, Patio, Gutter & Conservatory cleaning we accept payment via BACS using the following details:

Account Name: Cleaned With Care Ltd | Account Number: 23464829 | Sort Code: 23-05-80

Important: Please use the first line of your address as your payment reference

Paying For Your Regular Window Cleaning Is Easy With GoCardless…

To set up automatic payments enter your property name/number and postcode into the reference box below.

Then click the GoCardless button and fill in the Secure & Simple pre-authorization form.

After each clean is carried out our system will request payment from your bank, you will get an email notification to say that we are requesting funds and then 3-5days later the funds are collected automatically.

Gocardless FAQ’s

I don’t want to pay via Gocardless, can I pay by another method?

We request that all clients for regular window cleaning now pay via Gocardless as we aim to keep our pricing as competitive as possible and be a cashless business. It is also the safest way of paying as you are covered by the direct debit guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

Is GoCardless A Monthly Direct Debit?

No, Gocardless only requests funds from your bank after a clean is carried out.

I haven’t had my windows cleaned, will you still take payment?

We will only ever request payment after a clean is carried out.

You normally clean all of my windows, will I still be charged the full amount if only the fronts are cleaned because I forgot to leave my back gate unlocked?

No, we will charge 1/2 price if just the fronts are accessible, 2/3rds if only the front and one side is accessible and so forth.

I’m having building work done and don’t need my windows cleaned for a few months, Do I need to cancel Gocardless?

You dont need to cancel your Gocardless account in this instance as we will only make a charge if and when your windows are cleaned.

Can you take payment for extra services such as gutter cleaning or driveway cleaning via Gocardless?

We sure can, making your life even easier!

How will I know when payment is going to be collected from my bank?

After we have completed your cleaning our system automatically requests payment from your account via Gocardless, at this point in time you receive an email from Gocardless telling you the amount we have requested. If you do not agree with the amount / charge then you have the option to cancel any payment at this point directly with Gocardless. 3-5 days after payment has been requested the funds are withdrawn via Gocardless.

How can I be sure that Gocardless can be trusted?

Gocardless are a highly trusted company used by many large and small businesses worldwide to automate payments, brands that also use Gocardless also include:

Can I cancel Gocardless If I don’t want to use it anymore?

Of course, simply login to your Gocardless account and cancel your payments to us and we will no longer be able to request payment from your account.