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Paint Removal From Stone In London (Case Study)

Paint Removal From Stone In London (Case Study)

A building company contacted Cleaned With Care Ltd with regard to removing paint from stone that had been applied in error – they needed the paint to be removed, quickly, safely and without casing damage to the stone balconies at the site in Kings Cross, London.

We visited site and carried out a site survey in order to supply a fixed price quotation for the client.

On our site visit we assessed the stone, paint, health & safety requirements, access to the balconies, water supply and parking.

There were 8 balcony support brackets which had been painted, during painting the painter had painted the stone around the bracket and also the galvanised steel tensioner attached to the bracket. We were asked to remove the paint from the stone and tensioner without affecting the painted brackets.

Paint Removal From Stone London - Before

Full RAMS were submitted to the client and we were able to deploy our specialist graffiti removal & stone cleaning unit within 72 hours and complete the works to a very high standard.

We successfully removed the grey zinc based paint from stone and galvanised steel without removing any from the steel balcony support bracket.

Paint Removal From Stone London - After

The Cleaned With Care Ltd team have once again impressed another client in London with their specialist brick and stone cleaning expertise – Call us on 01494 355304 for all of your external cleaning requirements. 

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